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Getting ready for adventures is always fun.
Making sure that you have all the items you need to ensure a successful expedition is the goal.
Your life might not be on the line if you forget a few items, but what happens when society has collapsed and you’re not able to run to the store to grab some essentials?
In todays world, it’s important to plan for the worst and hope for the best. The Survivalist will be they way that I will document my jorurney into learning survival skills to provide and protect my family and community. My goal is to help other aspiring Survivalists to become self sufficient in more ways than one.
Although I don’t have any military experience, or friends and family to guide me on my journey, I do have the internet and books, along with the friends and allies I know that I’ll meet along the way of this journey.
I’m very excited to document this adventure! So join me by following along, or joining the Survivalist team!

Stay Safe & Be Prepared